Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tip For Treasure Seekers

What was the mission?

One of the treasure seeker should start moving clockwise & other should anti clockwise.

One starting from Cave C1 & other from Cave C13 make sure that treasures are not in those.

Now if we assume it was in C2 on day 1 & keeper moving it in clockwise then on Day 6 it would be in C7. At 7th day, seeker 1 should go to C8 & seeker 2 should go to C7. If keepers had kept it in same cave after Day 6, then seeker 2 would find it or if they had moved it to C8 then seeker 1 would find it for sure.

So we require minimum 7 days to make absolutely sure that seekers find the treasure. And if keeper starts from any other position it would require less number of days. For example, starting from C3 at Day1 , it would be in C8 on the 6th day & seeker by itself.

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