Thursday, November 2, 2017

Identified Cards From Clues

What was the task given? 

Let's list the clues once again here for our convenience.

Clue 1: Card on left cannot be greater than card on the right.
Clue 2: Difference between 1st card and 3rd card is 8.
Clue 3: There is no card of ace.
Clue 4: There is no face cards (queen,king,jacks).
Clue 5: Difference between 2nd card and 4th card is 7.

From Clue 4, it's very clear that there is no King, Queen or Jack card.

From Clue 2 & Clue 3, we have combinations of either 1,9 or 2,10 at first & third place. But Clue 3 eliminates the combination of 1,9.So at first place we have 2 & at third we have 10.

Again from Clue 5 & Clue 3, possible combinations at second & fourth place are 2,9 & 3,10. If it was 2,9 then 4 cards would have been like 2,2,10,9. But according to Clue 1 the card on left can't be greater than that at right. Here, the card at third place (10) is greater than that at fourth place (9) placed at right. Hence, this would be invalid combination.

Hence the correct combination for the second & fourth place is 3,10.

Using clues to identify the cards!

So we have 4 cards as 2,3,10,10.

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