Monday, December 25, 2017

Money For Mathematical Coincidence

What was the coincidence?

Let X be the rupees & Y be the paise that Messy initially had in his pocket. That means he had 100X + Y paise initially. In shop he paid half of the amount he had i.e. (100X + Y)/2. 

When he came out of the shop he had Y/2 rupees & X paise i.e. 100(Y/2) + X paise.

Equating both,

(100X + Y)/2 = 100(Y/2) + X

Multiply by 2,

100X + Y = 100Y + 2X

98X = 99Y

Hence, X = 99 & Y = 98
Putting these values in 100X + Y = 9998. This is the amount in paise. Converting in rupees gives, 9998/100 = 99.98

To conclude, Messi had Rs.99.98 initially in his pocket.


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