Thursday, February 22, 2018

"He Will Be Not Out!"

What happened in the match?

First let's number all the players from 1 to 11 as Batsman 1, Batsman 2, Batsman 3 & so on with last player as Batsman 11. 

Now let's take a look at what must have happened during 1st over.

1st Ball : Batsman-1 got out
2nd Ball : Batsman-3 got out
3rd Ball : Batsman-4 got out
4th Ball : Batsman-5 got out
5th Ball : Batsman-6 got out
6th Ball : Batsman-7 got out

Batsman 8 comes in 

Batsman 2 is still standing at non-striker end watching fall of wickets. Remember in the match all batsman are bowled out so no change in strike because of run out or before catch is taken.

At the end of first over, the strike is rotated and Batsman 2 comes on strike while Batsman 8 at the non striker end.

Now here is what happens in second over.

1st Ball : Batsman-2 got out
2nd Ball : Batsman-9 got out
3rd Ball : Batsman-10 got out
4th Ball : Batsman-11 got out

Batman 8 will remain NOT OUT!

So the only batsman left NOT OUT is Batsman 8 standing at the non-striker end.

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