Monday, April 2, 2018

Logical Choice Of Door

What were the choices?

For a moment, let's assume that first statement is true. The lady is behind the Door 1 and tiger is behind the Door 2. But this makes statement 2 also true where it says there is tiger behind one of these door & lady behind one of these doors. Hence, the statement 1 can't be true.

Hence, statement 2 must be true.

Only possibilities left are -

Door 1 - Tiger
Door 2 - Tiger

Door 1 - Lady
Door 2 - Lady

Door 1 - Tiger
Door 2 - Lady.

Since, the true second statement is suggesting there is lady behind 1 & tiger behind the other door, the possibilities of both tigers or ladies are eliminated.

That's why behind Door 1 is tiger & behind Door 2 is lady.

That should be the Logical Choice Of Door - Logical Puzzles

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