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Hi, this is Prafull PC. I like to get my brain challenged & via this blog I am collecting some classic riddle & it's answers in my own style! How often you come across some mind blowing brain teasers in every day's life? Well, in era of social media where anything can go viral, the probability that you read at least 1 mind bender in every odd days.

There are instances when you read that particular puzzle was asked in some mathematics Olympiads, at some quiz contests or school examinations. At first look, they might sound difficult to crack but as you down with analysis you would find them mind blowing with the concept they bring. Such puzzles always 'teach' you something in unique manner!

Same is case of optical illusions. Number of images illustrating some optical illusion goes viral every now & then.Once you get that, you wonder how cleverly your eyes were 'tricked' to view only that much as creator of optical illusion wanted.Through this, I am trying to present some optical illusions with creator's thoughts behind those.

Most of times you 'leave' those thinking that it's none of your business. In my case, I can't sit calm unless I solve it & understand the process of getting the answer thoroughly. I like to simplify the answer & in the process I always learn something new. That's why I just love those teasers.

Through this blog, I am collecting some best (which I think) brain teasers. At no point of time, I am going to claim that those are created by me. But I can assure you the solution are written by me in the simplest possible form. Again, I might have searched on google for solution (or may not be) but take a note that it will be presented by me in my own language.  

Through this, I am also sharing few of my thoughts,crazy ideas as well & some interesting facts collected exclusively by me. 

Hope you enjoy visiting this & I will make sure that you would come here again & again! 



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