Tricky Logical Mathematical Puzzle

Answer of Tricky Logical Mathematical Puzzle

Or a look at the question itself?

Let's look at the puzzle once again.

Answer of Tricky Logical Mathematical Puzzle

From first equation, it is clear that figure = 15. But the figure itself made up of square (4 sides) + polygon (5 sides) + hexagon (6 sides) = 15.

From second equation, we have bunch of 4 bananas = 4 i.e. 1 banana = 1.

And from third equation, we have 3 hours in clock = 3 i.e. 1 hours  = 1.

Hence, in fourth equation, value of clock = 2, 3 bananas = 3, figure = sides of hexagon + sides of pentagons = 6 + 5 = 11.

2 + 3 + 3 x 11 = 38

Hence, answer is 38

Wish Of Cigarette Smoking

Bruce is an inmate at a large prison, and like most of the other prisoners, he smokes cigarettes. During his time in the prison, Bruce finds that if he has 3 cigarette butts, he can cram them together and turn them into 1 full cigarette. Whenever he smokes a cigarette, it turns into a cigarette butt.

One day, Bruce is in his cell talking to one of his cellmates, Steve.

“I really want to smoke 5 cigarettes today, but all I have are these 10 cigarette butts,” Bruce tells Steve. “I’m not sure that will be enough.”

“Why don’t you borrow some of Tom’s cigarette butts?” asks Steve, pointing over to a small pile of cigarette butts on the bed of their third cellmate, Tom, who is out for the day on a community service project.

“I can’t,” Bruce says. “Tom always counts exactly how many cigarette butts are in his pile, and he’d probably kill me if he noticed that I had taken any.”

However, after thinking for a while, Bruce figures out a way that he can smoke 5 cigarettes without angering Tom. What is his plan?

Wish Of 5 Cigarettes Smoking - Logical Puzzles

That's his master plan!

Fulfilling The Wish Of Cigarette Smoking

Bruce takes 9 of his 10 cigarette butts and make 3 cigarettes using those 9 (9/3=3). Now, he smokes all 3 cigarettes. At this point, he has 3 + 1 = 4 cigarette butts.

Using 3 out of 4 cigarette butts, he make one another cigarette and smokes it. Now he has 1 + 1 = 2 cigarette butts & till now has smoked 4 cigarettes.

Now he borrows 1 Tom's cigarette butts making total number of cigarette butts equal to 3. Using these 3 butts he makes one more cigarette and this way he smokes 5th cigarette. 

After smoking this 5th, he puts back the cigarette butt left in Tom's pile so that Tom won't find anything missing.

Plan For Fulfilling The Wish Of Cigarette Smoking - Logical Puzzles

Which way is the bus going? Left or Right?

Can you guess in which direction this bus is going?

 Left or Right? Which way is the bus going?

Are you in the right direction?

Bus is Moving In 'This' Direction!

Why dirction was asked to find? 

Well, it totally depends on the location of the bus. How? Read further.

If you look at it carefully, then you can notice that the doors of the bus are missing.
That clearly indicates, those must be on the other side of bus.

Hence if bus is on the roads of India then it must have doors at it's left side & hence the bus must be moving in the right direction.

Bus is Moving In 'RIGHT' Direction!

While in some countries, bus might have doors at the right; in the case the bus must be moving in left direction. 

Bus is Moving In 'LEFT' Direction!

Viral Maths Problem Confusing Students & Parents

There are 73 red, blue and green marbles in a jar. There are twice as many red marbles as blue marbles. There are 19 more marbles than green marbles. 

Viral Maths Problem Confusing Students & Parents

How many green marbles are there?

Check if you are correct! 

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