Sunday, July 2, 2017

Story Of Genius Winning Scholarship

First read here what was the test?

One day Chuckles came to my home; he is my friend. I am 'smart' enough to immediately ask him story behind that mind teaser. What he had thought at that time is in his own words here...

"If I had red cross on my forehead then there is no way Wombat & Breeze raised their hand looking at me. What Wombat (or Breeze) would have thought in that case

Wombat (or Breeze) must have thought that Breeze (or Wombat) must have raised hand after looking green cross on my forehead as Chuckles have red cross on forehead.

So both would have come to know what they have on their own forehead & would have taken hands down immediately. But they didn't.

Hence I concluded, I must have green cross on my forehead & hence I took my hand down & earned the scholarship."

Winner's logic in real test of genius

 *NOTES* : 

1.It's only because Chuckles is winner of competition he visited my home. Otherwise Wombat or Breeze could be my friend either.

2.All the above characters, scenes & incidents are fictitious & created just for the simplicity. A (very) little help has been taken from the Google.