Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Efficient Way To Cross Desert

What's the challenge?

Mr. Rawat should take 2 helpers - let's name them as A & B.

Let 1 be the unit of food & water that is required for 1 day. So all are going to carry 4 units of food & water.

On the day 1, Mr. Rawat, B & A himself take the food & water from A. Then A will left with only 1 unit & to survive he should go back. In 1 day, he can consume that 1 unit of food & water & travel back to the origin.

On the day 2, Mr. Rawat & B consume 2 units food & water of helper B. Now helper B has to move back to origin with 2 units of food & water in 2 days. Again he can easily go back in 2 days covering distance traveled by him in 2 days of forward journey.

Efficient Way To Cross Desert

Now Mr. Rawat has 4 units of food & water which he can use in his 4 day's journey of crossing Sahara desert.

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