Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Never Loose Round Table Coin Game

What was the game? 

There is little trick with which you will always end on winning side in this Round Table Coin Game. Since you have got first chance to place the coin you should place the coin right at the center of the round table. Now for every next coin placed by opponent you need to place coin in such a way that it 'mirrors' opponent's coin.

For to be always on winning side in Round Table Coin Game

Imagine line from the center to opponent's coin. Place your coin exactly opposite to that coin at distance equal to distance between center & opponent's coin. Or imagine a circle (with the center fixed at the round table) with opponent's coin lying on it's border.  And place your coin at diagonally opposite point of point where opponent placed coin on that imaginary circle. (Assume imaginary circle though it's not appearing perfectly in the image above)

In this way for every move of your opponent, you will have 'answer' in form of space for placing the coin. This will continue until last place left on the table with your turn of placing the coin in the end. 

This is how to make sure you always on winning side in this 'Round Table Coin Game'!

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