Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cracking of The Code in Steps...

What was the challenge?

Let's number the clues as 1, 2, 3.

Clues numbered for cracking the code

Now following step by step process here onward. 

1. The numbers 3 & 1 are common in first & third combinations. Now both must not be the part of original number as in that case Clue 1 will be invalid. 

2. If numbers 3 & 1 are not correct in third combination then the correct 2 numbers must be among 5,7,9.

3. But it can't be both 7 and 9 as again that would make clue 1 invalid! Hence, the 5 is part of the original key & in correct position as in third combination. So we have got first digit of key as a 5.

4. The 1 correct number in clue 2 is 5 & that's in wrong position. If other is assumed to be 9 & to be in right position then it contradict the clue 3. So the second digit must be 7.

5.The only correct number in clue 1 is 7 & that's in wrong position. That means numbers 1,3,4,9 must not be the part of the code.

6. Since 3,4,9 eliminated in previous steps, the only number that is correct and in right position must be 6 in suggestion made by clue 2. So far we have got 3 digits of the code as 576XX.

7. Last 2 digits can be any combination from 0,2,5,7,6,8. Now addition of all digits is equal to the number formed by last 2 digits. It's impossible that the addition of all digits exceeds 50. Hence, the second last digit must be 2.

8. Now both 57620 or 57628 are perfectly valid where sum of all digits equals to number formed by last 2 digits. 

2 Possible codes discovered!

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