Monday, March 19, 2018

Owners Of Homes in Home Town

What were the clues? 

To simplify the process, let's number the houses as 1,2,3,4 and separate clues given.

a. Mrs Jennifer's house is somewhere to the left of the green marbles one.
b. The third one along is white marbles.
c. Mrs Sharon owns a red marbles house
d. Mr Cruz does not live at either end.
e. Mr Cruz lives somewhere to the right of the blue marbles house.
f. Mr Danny lives in the fourth house
g. The first house is not made from red marbles.

As per clues (b) and (g), 1 and 3 aren't made of red marbles. Since Danny is living in 4 as per (f), the red house owned by Mrs. Sharon must be positioned at 2.

Since 2 is already occupied, as per (d), Mr. Cruz must be living at number 3 which is of white marbles according to (b).

According to (a), 4 must be green marbles since otherwise Jennifer wouldn't be somewhere at left. As per (f) this 4 th house is owned by Mr.Danny.

The only house left for Jennifer is blue positioned at 1.

To conclude,

Mrs Jennifer - blue marbles at Number 1
Mrs Sharon - red marbles at Number 2

Mr Cruz - white marbles at Number 3
Mr Danny - green marbles at Number 4

Finding Owners Of Homes in Home Town - Logical Puzzle

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