Monday, May 7, 2018

King, Bureaucrat and Theif

What was the story? 

Let's take a look at the statements made by 3.

Lavesh says: 'Manoj is a bureaucrat.'
Mayank says: 'Lavesh is a king.'
Manoj says: 'I am the thief.'

Now let's test truth in each statement.

If we assume Mayank is king and telling the truth than according to him Lavesh is also king. But that's not the possible case.

Now if we assume Manoj is king then his statement must be true where he is saying that he is thief. So how he can be a king & thief at the same time.

Hence, the Lavesh must be a king. Mayank is here telling the truth and hence must not be bureaucrat and hence he is thief. So Manoj is bureaucrat lying in his statement.

Identifying King, Bureaucrat and Theif

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