Equal Distribution Of Water

What was the challenge?

1. First pour 24L into 13L and 11L jar.There will be no water in 24L jar.

2. Now pour 13L jar into 5L jar till 5L is filled. So 8L of water will be left in 13L jar.

3. This 8L of water from 13L jar is emptied in empty 24L jar.This will leave 13L jar empty.

4. Now pour 11L water from 11L jar into 13L of jar. There is still space for 2L of water in 13L jar.

5. Pour 5L jar into 13L of jar which had space for 2L only. So 3L of water will be left in 5L of jar.

6. This 3L of water is emptied in 11L jar.

7. A 13L jar full of water is again poured into 5L jar leaving behind 8L of water in it.

8. A 5L jar full of water is finally poured in 11L jar already having 3L of water. 

9. This way, 24L, 11L and 13L of jar would have 8L of water each.

Accepted Challenge of Equal Distribution Of Water - Logical Puzzle


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