Monday, February 5, 2018

Men with White Dots on Foreheads

Read this story first!

Let's take a look at who said what. 

Tarun: 'I see 3 whites and 1 black'
Harish: 'I see 4 black'
Lavesh: 'I see 3 black and 1 white'
Manish: 'I see 4 white'

Harish and Manish made very contracting statements; so are statement of Tarun and Lavesh. That means, only one of them is telling the truth. Hence, only one of 4 have WHITE dot on his forehead. Till now we don't have idea of what Manoj had on his forehead. Even if he has WHITE dot then there can be maximum 2 WHITE dots among those 4.    

Truth of Tarun and Manish:

Tarun and Manish must be lying as they are saying that they have seen 3 and 4 WHITE dots respectively. According to our first conclusion, there can be maximum 2 WHITE dots possible.

Truth of Harish:

Next if we assume Harish has WHITE dot and telling the truth then all other must be lying including Manoj and Lavesh. As per Lavesh, he had seen 3 BLACK and 1 WHITE dot. Now he must have seen BLACK dots on foreheads of Manoj, Tarun, Manish and WHITE dot on forehead of Harish as assumed. That mean he is telling truth though he has BLACK dot. But the man with BLACK is always lying, hence this case is also INVALID. 

Truth of Lavesh:

So the only person left is Lavesh and must be telling the TRUTH with WHITE dot on his forehead. Hence, as his statement is suggesting, the Manoj must have WHITE dot and other three Tarun, Lavesh, Harish have BLACK dots (we already concluded these 3 are lying). 

Logical deduction to find color of dot.

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